Bicker Utility Shirt | Blizzard Ikat Indigo


With a simple motto of 'slow made' and a core principle of 'positive products' STORY mfg was always going to be the perfect partner for the Shopkeeper Store. The brainchild of Bobbin & Katy, STORY was born out of a desire for a more authentic and fulfilling approach to clothing. Working in a purely conscious way, all garments are organic, sustainable and naturally-dyed from fermented indigo or natural plant based dyes. The fabrics are hand spun and hand woven by local skilled artisans. Bobbin and Katy travelled to remote areas to personally meet and build relationships with the traditional makers that produce and dye all of STORY's fabrics, ensuring a positive and fair trade-off. 

The Bicker over-shirt shirt draws it's inspiration from a vintage utility shirt. Woven from hand-loomed Ikat in organic cotton, and hand-dyed in naturally fermented indigo. Irregular colour contrast is natural to this method. Due to the nature of indigo - natural fading will occur.

  • Regular fit
  • Spear point collar
  • Two front flap chest pockets
  • Felled seams throughout
  • Corozo buttons
  • Cold soak/Hand wash only
  • Hang 'air-dry'
Material Hand Loomed Organic Cotton
Origin England