Loose Pile Walking Socks | Khaki Green


Rototo socks are produced in Nara prefecture, the well known cluster of sock production in Japan. The small batch production is possible due to collaboration with long experienced craftsmen. Specialised knittng machines are carefully selected for production, and hand controlled rather than by programme. 

Manufactured on a modified vintage knitting machine, intially used for production of trekking & ski socks in the 1970's. Only a few of these machines remain in the world today and one is used for the production of this style. The sock yarn used is called 'Dralon' which has been developed in Germany and is 2.5 times quicker to dry than normal cotton yarn, perfect for an outdoor sock.

  • Soft hand feel
  • Long pile yarn
  • Thick knit rib design
  • Hand machined
  • Made in Japan
  • Gentle hand wash cycle
  • Air Dry
  • Do not tumble dry
 Material Organic Cotton | 5% Acrylic (for retention)
Origin Japan
Dimensions One size 7-12