Short on Time Jacket | Biotic Brown


STORY mfg. “Best Ever” collection pays homage to our bacteria, yeasts and all the microbes that dye our clothes, whilst honouring the process that helps ferment the natural indigo and dyes used within the collection. 

This jacket is constructed using organic wale corduroy, which has been hand loomed and naturally dyed with babul tree bark. Its short and boxy shape is based on a 1940’s prison uniform, featuring two front patch pockets and removable naturally dyed corozo buttons.

Every STORY mfg. garment unique as the hand dying process creates a variety of tones and will bleed. Items dyed through a fermentation process will also carry an odour when new which will dissipate with wear.

Fits true to size | Relaxed fit | If you prefer a slimmer fit, consider taking one size down.

  • Spot clean with a damp cloth
  • Soak in cold water and hang to air dry naturally
Material 100% Cotton
 Origin UK | Thailand