Teddy Texture Darned Wool Tie | Charcoal/Navy


Hikaru Noguchi moved to England from Japan in 1989 to study constructed textiles, specialising in knit, having previously taken a degree in graphic design at Musashino Art University in her native Tokyo. Finding a measure of artistic freedom and stimulation in England which she had not found in Japan, she stayed on after completing her studies at Middlesex University to take up knitted textile design work, developing new and innovative textiles for furnishings, scarves, bags and garments.

Her work has developed to mix texture, colour and hand knit qualities. With influences from traditional knit patterns and techniques, such as fair- isle, Aran, embroidery and stripe. Sources of inspiration are diverse, from flea markets all over the world to artworks and paintings.

  • Knitted in England
  • Soft teddy wool texture 
  • Hand darned repair stitch detail
  • Each piece is individual
  • Perfect match to oxford, flannel & chambray shirts
  • Dry clean only
Material 100% British Lambswool
Origin England