Tibetan Nag Champa Incense | Box of 15


Inspired by the rawness and simplicity of skateboarding's roots in the late 60's, Satta founder Joe Lauder believes in small scale production for his products using sustainable fibres like hemp & organic cotton, and locally sourced timber for his hard goods. 

Satta tells a story of livity, a lifestyle which embodies a connectedness and balance with the natural world.

These handrolled Tibetan Nag Champa sticks are made with a blend of natural, organic Himalyan barks, spices, seeds & saps.
  • Contains 15 sticks
  • Approx. 60 mins of burn time per stick
  • Original artwork on box: Joe Lauder
    Material Organic Ingredients
    Origin Nepal 
    Dimension L 12cm, W 5cm