Nota Bene Wares

Nota Bene Wares was formed by Matthew Brooks in 2012 in Nottingham, England. It was born out of a passion for hand-produced, thoughtfully designed objects that are simple, hardwearing and beautiful. This is overlaid with a great interest in history and in particular the history of everyday life and of design, and is reflected in their products.

Nota Bene Wares products are “Notable” as they only ever use materials, which are beautiful in their integrity such as pure essential oils, tactile, imperfect recycled greyboard, and rustling, opaque waxed paper, with all of our packaging printed on an old-fashioned letterpress. They are “crafted” as they created all of our fragrances from scratch using 100% natural essential oils, with all products being hand wrapped to achieve the pleat wrap technique adopted. And finally, their products are “wares” as their products do not fit into any particular category, other than that they are well made, beautiful and useful 'Wares'. This was a term commonly used by retailers and manufacturers until the mid 20th century to describe a broad range of products which in were in some way coherent and something that applies to Nota Bene Wares.

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