Savon De Montreuil | Milori


Le Baigneur produce exceptional men’s grooming products that moisturise, sooth, nourish and protect from 100% natural organic and locally sourced ingredients. In their production, they are also committed to being respectful of the environment and supporting sustainable development, only using a 100% plastic free recyclable packing all made in France.

Made in by hand in the Montreuil soap factory, using the traditional cold process soap method, which is a time honoured and energy efficient process that saves the nourishing properties of vegetable oil and produce a rich glycerine soap that is gentle on your skin.

This soap contains raw & organic cocoa butter from RRRAW chocolate factory, with ghassoul clay from Morocco. Perfumed with essential oil of Amyris and black pine. 

Raw Cocoa  | Ghassoul Clay | Essential Oils
Origin Paris / France
Dimension 100 Grams