Hornvarefabrikken, the Hornware Factory has a history stretching back 200 years. Its original founder Knud Høj learning his craft of horn-making spoons as a prisoner during The Peninsula War and upon returning to his native Denmark, he brought with him this newly acquired skill, which he passed on, to local farmers looking to learn a new craft. 

A Peder Husted also later learned this craft, with a work-related incident forcing him to make these full time, later moving production from his private residence to its present location in 1935, this founding Hornvarefabrikken in the process.

Hornvarefabrikken today are committed to supporting business in developing countries, and import the horn from domestic cows in Nigeria.  A painless process, the horns are collected after the cow has naturally shedded them. The hornware is made in a workshop in Bøvlingbjerg, Denmark using methods that have been tried and tested over more than 200 years. Everything is handmade with some aid from manually operated machines

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