12 x 602 Soft Graphite Pencils | Matte Black


Blackwing Pencil's were first introduced in the 1930's by Eberhard Faber. They have been used by some of the world’s most legendary Grammy, Emmy, and Pulitzer winners. John Steinbeck, Leonard Bernstein and Bug Bunny creator Chuck Jones. The brand was re-launched due to popular demand after loyal customers were paying up to $40 for a single original pencil. 

Crafted from California incense-cedar and Japanese graphite. These pencils are true to the original iconic design, and feature a replaceable eraser. 

This set uses 'soft graphite', perfect for those drawing projects.

Replacement erasers available in packs of 10 here  / Blackwing Long point sharpener available here.

 Material Californian Incense Cedar | Graphite Lead
Origin Made in Japan 
Dimension Length 20cm